The Upstairs Garage Demos (Acoustic EP Part 1)

by Karma Farmer

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when all of a sudden the room became silent like the sound of a bird once it dies...


released April 6, 2015

harry-his voice
ryan-kevin's guitar



all rights reserved


Karma Farmer Bethlehem, Connecticut

Karma Farmer is a jam experimental rock band from the Weekeepeemee Valley in a small remote town called Bethlehem. It's a 2 piece band including Harry Mayer on vocals and guitar, and Ryan Keilty on drums. We are well aware that our music is weird, and we hope that you all enjoy it, you can also like us on facebook for any updates on upcoming shows and album releases ... more

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Track Name: Come Home Jerry
(jerry st laurent)
what does texas have that i dont have?
Track Name: Thanks A Lot
thanks joe
Track Name: Wayne's Way Or Die
story about a guy from my home town, his name was wayne

wayne was a man born in bethlehem but he was a different kind of man than the rest of them, yeah he would drink all night and think about what was deep inside, he was taken and so was his pride. so we must take our time and look deep inside to decide what is right, no matter how many miles he went they were all the same cause each one he minted with his name and thats wayne

his way was on his own, went slow drivin home, too big to stay the night was wayne's way or die, yeah he was slow sometimes but he was a friend of mine he was taken and so was i. we must take our time to look deep inside to decide what is right, how ever many miles you go you should know that you should take it slow and dont drive like wayne did on both sides of the road

we must take our time to look deep inside to decide what is right, how ever many miles it is i guess even one's too far if you drink like wayne did and get in your car